Eric Volta and Zig Zach at KILO Lounge

January 15, 2015

Eyes to the Front sealed an exclusive interview with Eric Volta.


1 - How has 2014 treated you?

2014, has been very kind in ways, met a lot of amazing and inspiring people & travelling a lot. But it did end with me feeling quite heavy hearted, so i am very much looking forward to 2015. I thank my life i have music. Music is just amazing. It cuts through all your senses and goes for the soul. I can't count how many times I have been rescued in life by it.

2 - Word on the street is u have spent abit of time in Singapore and have strong roots here. Care to share abit about that?

Half of my family is from Singapore, and spent some many years growing up here. Some of my dearest friends who have helped to shape my person, inspire my humanity and still continue to provide me with the strength in believing being good & kind and continue to share & give.

3 - We also know you've had a string of successful releases under different names. Tell us abit about some of them.

I tend to not talk about my past productions. Some of it may come across as shocking other are awesome. If you dig you will find it. In the end , everything is a learning curve. Most of what i have written will not be heard by most except for those close to me. Music is write is personal and I don't really care about putting these out there.

2 - Which producer or DJ has caught your attention recently?
If i had to pick out a single name it would have to be Arca. Some of the most original everything i have heard from anyone recently, from melodies, to textures and arrangements.

3 - Which do you prefer: being in the studio, or playing out?

I wish people would stop asking this question in particular. This is like asking me how if I prefer red chairs to blue chairs whilst in a steak house and the waitress is asking me for my order.

4 - Do you have a process for how you produce music, or does it change each time?

I have spent the last few years working on my creative method. Everyone always told me it was most important to develop a sound. But i realised something ( and this is a big secret to anyone out there getting into writing music / production ). It doesn't fucking matter about your sound. Work on being you. A person. An individual human being. Make yourself as original as you can be. From your taste in literature , to fashion to your fetishes. Embrace it all. In the end, your personality comes through your art. Work on creative methods. Learn as little or as much as you can, but work on being able to keep working. The truth is, not everything you make is great. But if you make 100 a week , your guaranteed to have at least ONE great idea - at least. And if you're honest with who you are, and your work, it will come through and that is your sound. And you didn't even have to try.

5 - Which are your top 3 favourite night clubs internationally?

Trouw, Berghain, CDV.

7 - Is there an artist out there that you would like to work with that you
haven't yet?

Arca, Squarepusher, Four Tet, Daphni, Holden

8 - Name one of your 'go to' tracks at the moment.

my 'goto' tracks are my own. On a good night, as a dj i don't go there often.

9 - Advice for upcoming DJs and Producers.

BE Honest As You Can Fucking BE. Get fucking high, fuck a lot..a lot & a lot more, live as much as you can, love properly ,lose yourself and your mind & win at poker once in a while. Rinse & repeat.

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